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What Experts Have to Say about Pitbull Bouncer

This is an outstanding book and it is the best interest of every club/bar owner, manager and/or security staff member to own it, read it, and live it!

Andrew SandlerAspen Night Club Owner of the Famous "Bootsy Bellows"

Gabe Cohen takes the role of a “bouncer” and redefines it for the modern world. Going far beyond the title, this book was a great culmination of philosophy, best practices, strategy, communication, relationships and reality. While the old definition used to create the vision of a huge dude manhandling “bad” clients in a bar, this perspective uses Gabe’s successes as the new standard…which required far more than just being a Pit Bull. Great job Gabe and Dave for bringing this book to life!

Bram Frank Founder-Grandmaster CSSD/SC
Founder Modular Tactical Systems
Grandmaster Conceptual /Combat Modern Arnis

Gabe Cohen’s unorthodox background and his devotion to the art of Krav Maga set him a world apart from the studio trained hobby martial artist. His consummate skills and keen intellect at both conflict prevention and resolution have made him an invaluable asset to Bootsy Bellows Aspen. For any business owner in need of security services, this book is a must read.

Alexander VerusFloor Manager, Bootsy Bellows AspenAspen, CO

Gabe Cohen is a highly dedicated and driven man. His students past, present and future are lucky to have him as their trainer for self-protection…specifically in Krav Maga. This man is constantly training to improve himself so that he can improve others and no matter the financial cost to him. I will always be in this man’s corner. If you can, seek him out and train with him!

Bob TrotterChicago Police Officer with 12+ years
(Superintendent’s Award of Valor, Lifesaving Award, and the F.O.P Distinguished Service award)
1st Degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do Instructor
Wing Chun Gung Fu
Krav Maga Force Training Instructor & Krav Maga Civilian Instructor
Certified Woman’s Self Defense Instructor
Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach

This is a professional’s approach to managing people, use of force, and violence from the perspective of someone who has walked the walk. Gabe Cohen’s subject matter expertise goes beyond merely working the doors and racking up war stories. His thoughtful approach to both his security work and his Krav Maga business stands out because it is professional, purposeful and intelligent. This book captures every bit of that and more. Anyone in this business needs to have a copy as it is comprehensive, provides valuable information that can be applied immediately and is a great read!

Scott MitchellProvident Personal Protection

As a DJ who has worked in the bar, nightclub and private event industries for over 20 years, I can attest to the hard and unpredictable situations that can arise if the proper security measures are not taken. Gabe’s professional and diligent approach works, and should be considered as an industry standard and a 101 to anyone getting into the industry, or anyone who has been in the industry. Using these methods, owners, patrons and staff can rest easy (and completely focus on their work) knowing that they will remain safe, at all times, while still providing and enjoying a fun and exciting atmosphere. As an entertainer, our safety is a must, and Gabe has always made sure we’ve had that in and around the DJ booth.

DJ Naka GX Games, Olympic Games and DJ to the elite

There is no one that can lead and do the security work like Gabe. Every shift he was working there was a greater air of confidence about our overall security and personnel safety – literally, everyone on the team knew we were in very capable hands. This book brings it all together and was an awesome read for both me and my husband!

Holiday Anne SchaldachNightclub Cocktail Waitress